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What exactly is a Serenity Warrior? 

Let's start with the word Warrior because it can have a few different meanings. The meaning I like best is someone who displays great courage, confidence, integrity, persistence, passion and mastery of skill.  

Now let's look at Serenity. I love this word because it perfectly describes the feeling of peace and happiness inside when you're not worrying or angry, but calm like flowing water or a still lake. 

I chose Serenity Warrior because it perfectly describes the kind of warrior I want in my corner when I'm struggling with something that means the world to me, like my children. A Serenity Warrior is someone who will stop at nothing until they find the serenity they so desire. I can help you to become the warrior of your own serenity, and will be happy to be your Serenity Warrior as you learn the ways of the warrior.  

Can I help your kids too? 

I've been studying parenting strategies since my oldest was a baby, so yes, it's very likely I can give you some tips and tricks to help with their behavior. However, my primary focus is on YOU, the mama. I will help you heal your body, train your mind, and connect with your spirit, so that you can feel like a great mama again and handle ANY behavior from your child.  

Do you have to meditate? 

If you're like most mamas, you've tried meditation a time or two and it didn't work. You couldn't keep your mind from wandering, and you felt no more peaceful when you finished than when you started. I've got good news and bad news. First the good news. You don't have to use traditional meditation for this training to be helpful, but it will require you to do some meditative activities, for example, walking your dog, gardening, or painting. The bad news is, traditional meditation would be even more useful, and I will recommend that you give it another try. I've got lots of tips on how to make it work for you.  

What if you don't believe in all this woo-woo stuff? 

What actually is "woo-woo" anyway? According to Urban Dictionary, woo-woo describes an event or person with "new age theories such as energy work, crystal magic, reiki, bizarrely restrictive diets, or supernatural/paranormal/psychic occurrences".  

I do consider myself to be of the woo-woo variety, but not to the extreme. I believe that literally everything in the world is made up of energy, and that we can employ a variety of energy healing methods to heal ourselves. I do teach muscle testing and the sway technique as a way to help you connect with your spirit. I also will recommend a fairly restrictive diet to heal your body.  

So...if woo-woo is not for you, I'm probably not either. :-( 

Also, if you hate emoji's and hearts, I will surely annoy you. 💙 

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Connect With Other Mamas

Help With a Specific Problem

6-Week One-On-One Training

Join other mindful mamas with spirited kids learning how to heal their bodies, train their minds, and feel their spirits. We meet once a month to connect and discuss solutions to our specific issues. Are you REALLY struggling with just one problem in particular? Let's get together for an intensive 2 hour session to discuss and get you moving in the right direction toward serenity.  Does your world feel like it's falling apart? If you could use someone to take your hand and guide you, this training is for you. Let's work together to bring the joy back into your family.