Find the Serenity Warrior Within!

The best time to bring balance into your life was 10 years ago. The second best time is NOW.

Stop putting yourself last in the long list of things you do every day, and learn how to balance your body, mind, and spirit, so that you can be the mindful mama you wish to be for your spirited child. 

The Serenity Warrior Training is a six week training where we'll work together, one-on-one. You'll spend two weeks on each, learning how to:

💚 Heal Your Body
💚 Train Your Mind
💚 Feel Your Spirit

First I'll need you to answer a few quick questions to help me understand where you're at right now, and what you've already tried. Then we'll have a one hour phone call (or Skype session) each week to discuss the strategies and tools that'll help you most in a particular area. 

Here's what we'll cover in the first two week session:

Body Image
Heal Your Body
    • Avoiding toxins
    • Avoiding trigger foods
    • Proper Nutrition
    • Regular Exercise
    • Sleep Habits
    • You Time 

💚 Do you struggle with unexplained fatigue that leaves you with little energy left to handle your spirited child's intensity?
💚 Do you or your child have food allergies?
💚 Do you have aches and pains that keep you from getting outside with your child?
💚 Do you wake up feeling like you never went to sleep?

Any one of these things will make it difficult to be a mindful mama. If you're experiencing more than one, you're setting yourself up for failure with your child. The intensity of a spirited child requires that we're at our best in order to remain calm in the face of anger, frustration, and anxiety. I'll help you learn how to truly nourish your body by providing it with healthy food, water, exercise, sleep, and a daily self care routine. 

Here's what you can expect at the end of six weeks:

💚 More energy
💚 A healthier immune system
💚 Less pain
💚 Feel well rested

Here's what we'll cover in the second two week session:

Mind Image
Train Your Mind
    • Using Affirmations
    • Using Mantras
    • Gratitude Journaling
    • The Emotion Code
    • The Letting Go Technique


💚 Do you find it difficult to keep your thoughts and emotions from overwhelming you when your spirited child melts down?
💚 Are you more likely to think of the worst outcome instead of the best?
💚 Do you often feel angry for no reason at all?
💚 Do you judge your spirited child based on the child you hoped you'd have instead of the child they actually are?

Once you've begun to nourish your body and have a good self care routine that works for you, we'll begin working on training your mind. Ever heard the saying, "Mind Over Matter"? Your body is the matter that your mind has control over. Although it may not feel like it, you do have control over your mind and your thoughts. You can choose to be happy at any time by looking within. I'll help you shift your thinking, to see that you already have all the answers within you. 

Here's what you can expect at the end of six weeks:

💚 Ability to remain calm
💚 More positive thoughts
💚 Reduced anger
💚 Feeling of acceptance

Here's what we'll cover in the third two week session:

Spirit Image
Feel Your Spirit
    • Traditional meditation
    • Meditative activities 
    • Third person journaling
    • Sway Technique


💚 Do you have trouble making decisions and knowing what's best for you and your child?
💚 Have you lost your passion for life because of the constant negative energy surrounding you and your family?
💚 Have you tried meditating in the past and found it almost impossible?
💚 Have you lost faith in your religion and a higher power guiding you?

The body and mind are the gateway to your spirit. The build up of toxins in your body will lead to negative thoughts and emotions that'll keep you from feeling your spirit. Once you heal the body, you'll begin to see your thoughts shift to a more positive pattern, and you'll notice a much stronger connection to your spirit. I'll help you learn how to feel your spirit and get answers to your most urgent questions.

Here's what you can expect at the end of six weeks:

💚 Be more decisive
💚 Passion for life
💚 Feel your spirit
💚 Renewed faith in something greater

Is This the Training for You?

If you're not desperate for answers and ready to move mountains, then probably not.

But...if you think you've tried everything, nothing has worked, and you can't stand the thought of things remaining the same for another minute, then this IS the training for you.

It's likely that you already know some of what I'll teach you, but you chose not to take action on that knowledge. Now is the time to take action! I'm here to hold your hand and help you through it this time.

I've been where you are now, and I remember how painful it was. I wish I'd had someone to hold my hand back then. It would have been priceless to me.

The Cost

Don't worry, it's not gonna cost you a million dollars or an arm and a leg. The cost for the six week Serenity Warrior Training will be just under $100/week at $597. The changes you'll make in just six short weeks will be well worth the cost. You'll have learned some very useful tools and skills to keep your body, mind, and spirit balanced. Plus, you'll receive two FREE gifts!

Here's what's included:

💚 FREE gratitude journal to record our sessions
💚 Six one hour phone calls or Skype sessions
💚 Seven weeks of email support for questions
💚 FREE piece of signature mantra jewelry or art

At the beginning of the training, I'll mail you a gratitude journal to use for our work together, and at the end you'll receive your choice of jewelry or art to serve as an anchor piece and reminder of what you learned. 

If you're ready to move mountains and do the hard work required, click the button below to sign up. Let me help you become the warrior of your own Serenity. 💚