Metal Print with Wooden Mount and Signature Mantra (Scott's Flat in Weathered Grey)

Metal Print with Wooden Mount and Signature Mantra (Scott's Flat)

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Signature mantra metal print with wooden mount. Our modern rustic art collection products are made using high quality professional metal prints. The dyes are infused directly into aluminum sheets that are specially coated to provide vibrant colors, and high detail and resolution with very little glare. The wooden mount is hand made and matches perfectly with the size and shape of the metal print. Hang this beautiful modern rustic art piece in a place where you will see it every morning as a reminder to seek within when life becomes chaotic and frustrating. 

Wood Mount Size: 12" x 12"  Metal Print Size: 8" x 8"

Image: Scott's Flat Lake ~ Nevada County, California  Photographer: Cynthia Soszka

Date Taken: May 2017

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A portion of our proceeds will be donated to help fund research of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) each year.

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