What if you could have an amazing relationship with your Spirited Child?

I'm Cynthia! I help empathic mamas find 'Serenity Amidst the Chaos', so they can recharge and gather the energy and patience they need to stop yelling and enjoy their relationship with their Spirited Child.

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Rebuild The Relationship With Your Spirited Child

The SECRET to creating an amazing relationship with your Spirited Child ISN’T an endless supply of parenting strategies!

In fact, it’s much simpler than that. AND…without it, my clients’ dreams of an easygoing, connected, loving relationship with their Spirited Child was more like a nightmare:

💙 Every day, a steady stream of anger, frustration, and yelling…

💙 Every day, on edge waiting for the next melt down…

💙 Every day, more draining than the last….

After learning this secret, my clients now:

💙 Feel calm and peaceful, even when surrounded by chaos…

💙 Receive respectful responses to their requests…

💙 Have the silence, space, and serenity needed to recharge…

I know it sounds too easy, but hear me out….

Parenting strategies are over rated, and will distract any parent from solving the REAL problem, by sending them down the rabbit hole of trial and error until they find one that works.

By learning the secret and getting to the root of the problem, my clients stopped struggling against frustration, found endless patience, and made those strategies unnecessary. Why learn how to handle a meltdown, if your child is even tempered?

Are you ready to learn this secret? Check out this free training, where I reveal the 5-step game plan my clients are using to find patience and calm, while letting go of their anger, regardless of their child’s behavior.

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free training - 5 Steps to an amazing relationship with your spirited child

Testimonial & Media

I'm a single dad with an 8 year old son with ADHD. Over the past year our home has been a battle zone filled with fighting and lying. Working with Cynthia over the past 6 weeks has made amazing changes in our home. Cynthia has guided us in restructuring our home, from diet changes to having a more positive mind set, getting in touch with my spirit, finding time for myself, and loving time with my son. Overall, a better loving home and my son has been a lot more truthful. P.S. As I was writing this, out of the blue, my son came up, gave me a hug, and said I LOVE YOU.

~ Virgil